Basketball Board


My basketball board was a very simple concept and I really like how it came out. I started with a live trace of a snowboard I found on the internet. Then I locked that and used the pen tool to create a more suitable outline. In the center of the outline I created a basketball. The semi-circles on the ball were created with a clipping mask. There are also 2 semi-circle clipping masks on the board that correspond with the ones on the ball. I used a default light orange from the color picker. I added 10 to the key to make the second color a little bit darker yet still within reason for a basketball. I had the colors trading off on different sides of the ball and then spreading out to the rest of the board. The orange on the semi-circles also comes from the color picker. Then I added the font “LMS I Love This Game”. It has the NBA logo etched into every letter. I created a few basketball inspired statements placed on each of the 4 quadrants of the board. I used rotate to position the letters. I made the text black. I intentionally kept the front of the board (right side) uncluttered because once the foot holders are placed a lot is covered. Also, when doing tricks that is the side that is seen the least. On the Back side of the board (left side) I added the statement “Basketball is My Soul” and placed it on both the left and right of the backside of the board. I added the colors on this text with the live paint. I had the colors alternate from the colors of each quadrant and I made the L in the middle the same orange as the semi circles. The way the letters in this font are shaped I had to place the live paint bucket in 3 different places to fully color the letters.


The Secret of 6


My project “The Secret of 6” was fairly easy to create. I used a picture me and my friends took from our engineering conference where we all had made 6 signs with our hands. I tried out a lot of smart filters with my smart object but settled on Underpainting with brush size 0, texture coverage 40 canvas texture, 50% scaling, and 0 relief. I then put a mask on the top with a feather of 200. I created the text with the Bleeding Cowboy font. I added Bevel & Emboss with default settings and a canvas texture, a 3 pixel black stroke, a default inner glow, and a default drop shadow. I added all of the actors which are the actual names for the people in the photo. I positioned everything using a grid and the pixel ruler. Then I added a default movie poster template which came with a really cool font from which uses the steeltongs font. It’s great because it has the movie positions in place of lower case letters which allows you to have everything at the same font size. This made resizing it much easier. Then I went into illustrator and filled in the positions with my friends who were there but not present in the picture. Lastly I created the outlines of the text.