Basketball Board


My basketball board was a very simple concept and I really like how it came out. I started with a live trace of a snowboard I found on the internet. Then I locked that and used the pen tool to create a more suitable outline. In the center of the outline I created a basketball. The semi-circles on the ball were created with a clipping mask. There are also 2 semi-circle clipping masks on the board that correspond with the ones on the ball. I used a default light orange from the color picker. I added 10 to the key to make the second color a little bit darker yet still within reason for a basketball. I had the colors trading off on different sides of the ball and then spreading out to the rest of the board. The orange on the semi-circles also comes from the color picker. Then I added the font “LMS I Love This Game”. It has the NBA logo etched into every letter. I created a few basketball inspired statements placed on each of the 4 quadrants of the board. I used rotate to position the letters. I made the text black. I intentionally kept the front of the board (right side) uncluttered because once the foot holders are placed a lot is covered. Also, when doing tricks that is the side that is seen the least. On the Back side of the board (left side) I added the statement “Basketball is My Soul” and placed it on both the left and right of the backside of the board. I added the colors on this text with the live paint. I had the colors alternate from the colors of each quadrant and I made the L in the middle the same orange as the semi circles. The way the letters in this font are shaped I had to place the live paint bucket in 3 different places to fully color the letters.


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